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welcome to honeyfields...
Saturday, 7 February 2004
kwc helped me muchly and has converted me to

new blog url (for now) is unless movabletype, the company, doesn't like it. :)

cool cool. :)

Posted by honeyfields at 12:38 AM PST
Updated: Saturday, 7 February 2004 12:04 PM PST
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Friday, 6 February 2004
i am a smarty :)
So Smart
70-100% NOT AT RISK
EXCELLENT!! You could teach your friends a few
things they don't know! You obviously know the
risks and effects of alcohol on you and on
those around you. So be responsible and take
action. If there is anything you don't know,
contact your local Drug Awareness Committee.

Alcohol and You: Are You At Risk?
brought to you by Quizilla

Posted by honeyfields at 11:16 PM PST
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Thursday, 5 February 2004
petition for gay marriage
when i googled for "support gay marriage petition" all i got were sites for supporting gay marriage ban. still, i was able to find this one:

Million for Marriage Petition

Support Gay and Lesbian Marriages in New Jersey

Gay/Lesbian Marriage and Adoption Rights Petition Petition Against Desecrating the Constitution With Anti-gay Bigotry

Stop the Federal Marriage Amendment Petition

for any of you that are interested. :)

Posted by honeyfields at 5:45 PM PST
Updated: Thursday, 5 February 2004 5:58 PM PST
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Sunday, 1 February 2004
i wonder if this applies to people too...
"We never ever introduce 2 unaltered rabbits (for safety as well as pregnancy prevention), and consider any "bond" involving unneutered/unspayed juvenile buns to be possibly false and subject to change once the hormones kick in."

Posted by honeyfields at 4:10 PM PST
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Saturday, 31 January 2004
the rejection hotline
i hadn't realized that some of my friends didn't know about this, so i'm reposting something i posted on my old xanga blog:

just in case you haven't heard of this phenomenon, i stole it off his weblog which he stole off an email, apparently:

stolen by me from an email (I tried the LA number and it did in fact work - I felt pretty rejected though):

In case you meet anybody who you don't want to give your telephone number to, but you do anyway because you feel bad - try this instead:

Rejection line:
If you are a woman/man and are constantly approached by unattractive or undesirable women/men asking for your phone number, give them this number:

Boston: 617-658-7083
New York City: 212-479-7990
Los Angeles: 310-217-7638
San Francisco: 415-356-9833
Atlanta: 770-908-7383
Charlotte: 704-559-4169
Chicago: 773-509-5096
Cleveland: 216-556-0051
Denver: 303-575-1696
Las Vegas: 702-387-2619
Miami: 305-460-3285
Seattle: 206-781-3928
Washington, DC: 202-452-7468

when the guy/woman calls that number, they get a friendly message saying that they were rejected. Call the phone number. It's hilarious.

yeah.... actually, it's downright brutal. still funny though.

Posted by honeyfields at 11:26 PM PST
Updated: Saturday, 31 January 2004 11:28 PM PST
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me and the us
red states are ones i've visited. :)

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

check out my friends':
tonya via pqbon's blog

i just like how everyone's is continuous. and how kwc carefully avoided vermont. whereas metamanda obviously has something against nebraska. :)

Posted by honeyfields at 11:12 PM PST
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Friday, 30 January 2004
my bf finally starts a blog
i don't know how much he'd update it, but here you go:

parakkum's blog

i've also linked it under friends at the side. :)

Posted by honeyfields at 9:14 PM PST
Updated: Friday, 30 January 2004 9:18 PM PST
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Thursday, 29 January 2004
first day of class
my first class is fundamentals of animation and illustration. the prof's name is jeff biancalana and he is basically psychotic. he's one of those charismatic people that appeal to me but intimidate at the same time.

i also have to think of some activity or story to act out in front of my classmates for 30 minutes next tuesday because i'm one of the first in-class models. any ideas? the prof said that he was a kickboxer for one of the sessions, with various rounds of winning and losing and winning.

i need suggestions.

i've too long lived a life of sitting at home to think of activities.

and no, we're not allowed to pretend sleeping for 30 minutes. ;)

Posted by honeyfields at 8:58 PM PST
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Sunday, 25 January 2004
still sick but not miserable
only my throat really hurts now. in the mornings i have the sniffles, but i feel mostly human. i am tired, but that's to be expected when i'm sick and have been keeping eratic sleeping hours.

besides, my problems seem small compared to ken's since he is now broken. hopefully his new treatment regimen helps him to rejoin the mobile world.

my apartment is slowly being put together again. i've sorted through most of my books and placed them in my own obsessed order. i've found that there are books to get rid of, but i don't necessarily know what to do with them just yet. there are also books that i've only held on to for the sake of reading them. i think once i read them, i can get rid of the fluff.

i'm also trying to create a vortex for the boxes i'd used to move since they are currently bunny food in the middle of the living room.

as a side:
west wing is a very confusing show. it leaves me with a sense of angst and tension in addition to the frustration of not knowing what is happening. i don't think it will be one of the shows i would keep up with when i get tv again in a few months.

Posted by honeyfields at 9:33 PM PST
Updated: Sunday, 25 January 2004 9:13 PM PST
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Friday, 23 January 2004
i am sick
i'm coughing, i have muscle aches and my head hurts.

i was originally going to blame ken, but i remembered that i was feeling some of the symptoms before i left home. i think the 6 hour drive pretty much killed my immune system for a day and the cold caught up with me then.

my bunnies are also showing signs of stress by not eating vegetables.

also we are not going mendochino on saturday because i didn't realize that it's a 4 hour drive. 8 hours of driving means a day trip is not feasible. :p

Posted by honeyfields at 10:21 AM PST
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